With close to 20 years’ experience servicing the Aquaculture industry, Dive Works is an industry leader and innovation powerhouse.

Having worked for many years on most of the aquaculture farms throughout Tasmania, Dive Works even pioneered the first in-situ net cleaning service using high pressure water blasting (HPWB), making the cleaning process much safer and more efficient, and providing huge cost savings for industry members.

Though we no longer clean nets on a day-to-day basis, this is just one example of the innovative approach to problem solving provided by Dive Works.

Aquaculture services

Fishnet and Predator Net Inspections

Mooring and Anchor Inspections

Dive Works can provide efficient, timely inspections of all your subsea Aquaculture assets, including comprehensive reports and video evidence detailing their present condition and maintenance needs.

Keeping divers out of the water

Dive Works provides support to the Aquaculture industry using our Seaeye Falcon ROVs (remotely operated vehicle). Not only are our ROV services more efficient, safer, and more productive than employing commercial divers, they are more cost-effective, with each ROV requiring only two personnel to operate.

ROVs also have the advantage of being able to endure cold waters for long periods, and can operate with a broad range of subsea support tools down to a depth of 300 metres. ROVs can replace divers for many subsea applications, and where required, ROVs can also assist divers in a support role.

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