Hydro & Civil

Working across sectors for both government and water authorities, Dive Works has extensive experience supporting and maintaining an enormous range of industry assets.

With a specialised focus on providing innovative solutions to common problems, Dive Works brings key technological advantages to preserving your assets while keeping costs to a minimum.

Hydro & Civil services

Inspection, Repair, & Maintenance (IRM)
With our ability to inspect, repair & maintain all of your subsea industry assets including tanks, reservoirs, dams, tunnels, and more, Dive Works is also able to locate and retrieve lost assets and equipment, and provides comprehensive reports on the condition and maintenance requirements of those assets.

Making divers redundant

Dive Works provides support to the Hydro & Civil industry using our Seaeye Falcon ROVs (remotely operated vehicle), as well as other specialised robotics devices. Not only are our ROV services more efficient, safer, and more productive than employing commercial divers, they are more cost-effective, with each ROV requiring only two personnel to operate.

ROVs also have the advantage of being able to endure cold waters for long periods, and can operate with a broad range of subsea support tools down to a depth of 300 metres. ROVs can replace divers for many subsea applications, and where required, ROVs can also assist divers in a support role.

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