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With a proven track record in supporting emergency operations, recovering lost targets, and securing key industry assets, Dive Works is the team you can rely on to rapidly mobilise 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Security & Emergency services

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Subsea emergency operations involve considerable risk to all parties involved, not the least of which is to divers themselves. Whether it’s recovering something lost, protecting an existing asset, or responding to an emergency, our different approach to diving is a better way to respond and protect.

Why dive when you can ROV?

Dive Works provides support to Security & Emergency operations using our Seaeye Falcon ROVs (remotely operated vehicle), as well as other specialised robotics devices. Not only are our ROV services more efficient, safer, and more productive than employing commercial divers, they are more cost-effective, with each ROV requiring only two personnel to operate.

ROVs also have the advantage of being able to endure cold waters for long periods, and can operate with a broad range of subsea support tools down to a depth of 300 metres. ROVs can replace divers for many subsea applications, and where required, ROVs can also assist divers in a support role.

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