ROV Subsea Inspection Campaign

2015 to 2019 – ROV Subsea Inspection Campaign

Beginning in 2015, Dive Works was engaged by Esso Australia and other Exxon Mobil subsidiaries to undertake various underwater inspection and survey programs. Throughout this period, Dive Works successfully completed each campaign on time and on or under budget with exceptional safety records, productivity levels and operational uptime rates.

Dive Works has consistently provided cost savings, improved efficiencies, enduring reliability, rapid response and innovative solutions to Esso.

In particular, the 2017–18 Bass Strait ROV Campaign was successfully completed with a 100% operational uptime and zero reportable accidents or incidents.

The campaign consisted of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) activities for Esso Australia’s offshore assets, including offshore pipelines and platforms located off the coast of Lakes Entrance, Bass Strait, Victoria.

Services included General Visual Inspection (GVI), Close Visual Inspection (CVI), High-Pressure Water Blasting (HPWB), Flooded Member Detection (FMD), Cathodic Protection (CP), Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT), freespan rectification, leak flow rate measurement, grout mattress installation, 3D imaging, valve manipulation, marine growth removal, citric acid wash of valve buckets and more.

Client: Esso Australia Pty Ltd (Esso).

Location: Bass Strait region.

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