ASI Group Long Tunnel Inspection

ASI Group Long Tunnel Inspection

Using a modified Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV with a 5km tether (supplied by ASI Group), Dive Works’ ROV pilots and technicians conducted a long tunnel inspection from Curtis Island to the mainland (near Gladstone).

A pipe was pushed through the tunnel from the mainland to Curtis Island. The tunnel was flooded and ROV deployed to inspect the pipeline going through the tunnel. Multiple sonars were attached to the ROV to gather comprehensive data for the Client Report.

“The operation was completed safely and without incident making it the longest ever successful tunnel inspection [by surface-powered ROV] in Australia,” said Gregory Jones, Project Manager Pipeline, GLNG Operations Pty Ltd SANTOS.

Client: ASI Group Ltd (for Marine Services Group), Curtis Island, Queensland.

Project: ROV services for ASI Group on the Santos GLNG Project to inspect a 3.4m diameter, 5.2 km long tunnel (in low visibility), from Curtis Island to the mainland.

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