Esso Seabed Survey

Esso Seabed Survey

Dive Works engaged Marine Solutions to conduct a detailed seabed investigation using an Observation Class ROV around a specified oil rig platform.

A subsea inspection of the seabed surroundings was carried out on the north, south, east and west side of the platform up to a distance of 500 metres. This systematic survey was completed upon demobilisation of the drilling rig and readiness of the platform.

The seabed inspection was carried out to determine the physical characteristics of the seabed around the platform, the biological characteristics of the seabed around the platform and the extent and nature of marine debris including drill fluid and cuttings. A snapshot of marine flora and fauna present within the surveyed area was also taken.

The survey involved collecting comprehensive video footage and still imagery of the seabed surrounding the platform using an Observation Class ROV. This enabled Marine Solutions to determine the presence and extent of SBM drill cuttings and inspect the physical and natural characteristics covering the seabed surrounding the platform.

Client: Esso Australia Pty Ltd (Esso).

Location: Bass Strait Oil & Gas Fields.

Date: December 2015

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