March & April 2016 – 2016 ROV Campaign

March & April 2016 – 2016 ROV Campaign

Dive Works was contracted by Esso to carry out the 2016 ROV Campaign in Bass Strait. The Work Scope was conducted from the “Offshore Guardian” vessel and carried out over two phases using Dive Works’ Seaeye Falcon Observation Class and Seaeye Leopard Work Class ROVs. Subcontractors included Fugro and Tox Free.

The program included a General Visual Inspection (GVI) of various platforms including seabed, conductors, general service conductors, risers, and the cathodic protection system with cathodic potential readings taken at specified locations.

High pressure water cleaning (HPWC) of fire water caissons and service water caissons was performed. Cathodic Protection (CP) on welds with previous anomalies was performed and a Close Visual Inspection (CVI) carried out. HPWC was performed to S2.5, clean to bare metal (CBM) for Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) and Flood Member Detection (FMD). This inspection also included the FLA 250W leak inspection program.

Client: Esso Australia Pty Ltd (Esso).

Location: Bass Strait Oil & Gas Fields.

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