November 2016 – Emergency Call Out

Emergency Call Out

Highlighting Dive Works’ innovative approach to problem solving, the project involved conducting a General Visual Inspection (GVI) by Work Class ROV of a bird pump caisson, then developing, on the spot, a solution to secure the caisson.
Saving the client from engaging saturation divers, Dive Works Seaeye Leopard ROV and highly skilled pilots navigated the complex and difficult task of stabilising the caisson.

Firstly, the ROV attached a 2-tonne strop to a horizontal bar above the bird pump caisson, which was then choked around the member. The ROV pilot fitted the block and tackle to the strop and then continued down the top of the caisson.

Checks were conducted to confirm all was secure, then the ROV took up the slack in the rope to support the caisson. Whilst stabilising the caisson, Dive Works’ Seaeye Falcon Observation Class ROV was deployed to observe the upper section where the caisson was supported, to ensure the work did not dislodge the caisson.

With the caisson successfully secured, Dive Works completed the project on time and on budget, another testament to their ability to apply genuine innovation to solving complex problems in the field.

Client: Commercial in Confidence.

Location: Commercial in Confidence.

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