ROV Inspection for AECOM

ROV Inspection for AECOM

Dive Works provided ROV services to conduct inspections of sheet pile walls at specific locations at the Port Melbourne dock. The services included a complete visual inspection of several hundred metres of sheet piles using high resolution cameras on the ROV. The sheet pile was then cleaned in specific areas using a high-pressure water blaster mounted on the ROV, utilising pressures up to 10,000 psi. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing was then conducted to assist with the ongoing monitoring of the subsea structures.

This project was completed while a vessel was docked at Port Melbourne. By using an ROV instead of divers the ship avoided a complete shutdown and tagging out of stern gear and thrusters, thus allowing the routine maintenance to be carried out. This also enabled the ship to sail out on time.

Client: AECOM Australia, Webb Dock East, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Project: ROV services for video inspection, high-pressure water blasting and Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) on subsea structures, including sheet pile walls at Webb Dock East, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

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