Fishnet and Predator Net Inspections – Aquaculture

Fishnet and Predator Net Inspections

Dive Works provides swift and efficient aquaculture net inspections with our observation-class Falcon ROV by Saab Seaeye.

Ensuring the integrity of your enclosures, our thorough daily inspection reports complete with high-definition video help to minimise stock losses and any damage to your assets.

Our innovative ROV service delivers prompt and effective:

  • general inspections
  • fishnet and predator net inspections
  • pre-transfer inspections
  • seal strikes / seal entry inspections
  • pre-bath and post-bath inspections
  • pre-harvest and post-harvest inspections
  • pre-smolt inspections

Remember, why dive when you can ROV?

The advantages of replacing divers with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can hardly be overstated. Safer, more efficient, more productive, and requiring only two personnel to operate, our ROV system is a truly cost-effective alternative to putting commercial divers in the water.

Your convenient and cost-effective net inspections are only a call away

Just get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly tailor an inspection plan to your unique requirements.

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