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Geotechnical & Geophysical Surveys

Accurate geotechnical and geophysical surveys are essential for sound underwater engineering. These surveys help engineers determine potential constraints and identify safety hazards by collecting information on the nature and mechanical properties of the seabed.

We know how important it is to get these right. With a sound history of quality survey delivery, Dive Works are committed to providing impeccable seabed surveys using our Seaeye Falcon ROV (remotely operated vehicle).

Efficient, cost-effective, and requiring only two personnel to operate, our ROV-based geotechnical and geophysical assessments help ensure your project’s success through providing essential information during the pre-planning stage, and by optimising engineering solutions throughout your operations.

Dive Works provide world-class surveys of the following types:

  • Bathymetry surveys
  • Side-scan sonar surveys
  • Echosounder surveys
  • Acoustic sub-bottom profile surveys
  • Magnetometer surveys
  • Camera surveys

We can also assist in obtaining sediment samples as well as conduct core and cone penetration testing.

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