Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) – Hydro & Civil

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM)

Working in a huge range of sectors and environments, and pioneering innovative solutions to problems of all varieties, Dive Works has specialised experience in the field of Inspection, Repair & Maintenance for the Hydro & Civil industry.

Utilising our productive and highly efficient Seaeye Falcon ROV (remotely operated vehicle) as our primary tool, Dive Works provide cost-effective, efficient IRM services in the following categories:

  • Tank, reservoir & dam inspections
  • Long tunnel inspections
  • Subsea asset inspections

Tank, reservoir & dam inspections

We can inspect water tanks and larger reservoirs & dams with either our miniature ROV (Video Ray Pro 4) or Seaeye Falcon (depending on the size of the asset). Our inspections include recording the condition of infrastructure internals, ladders, intake and outlet screeds, and more. And of course, we always provide comprehensive reporting for each tank or reservoir we inspect.

Long tunnel inspections

Our ROV can go where nobody else can. Working in partnership with other expert service providers, we can deliver innovative services using our Seaeye Falcon ROV such as internal tunnel and pipeline inspections up to 30 kilometres in length. Using long tethers and multiple sonars, we collect thorough data on the internal state of tunnels and large pipes and supply this in a comprehensive report.

Subsea asset inspections

We can inspect virtually any subsea asset and provide comprehensive data on its condition. Among other options, we can capture complete spatial measurements, perform ultrasonic thickness testing for wastage or corrosion (without removing protective coatings), and provide video capture/streaming for visual confirmation.

Other related services we provide:

  • High pressure water blasting, debris removal, silt and gravel extraction
  • Search, location and retrieval of assets and equipment
  • Installation, inspection and testing of anodes or other cathodic protection devices
  • Timely and high-quality reports

Limit your risk and lower operational costs

Using remotely operated vehicles instead of divers is not only less risky, but also much more cost-effective and efficient. Our ROV can operate with a team of only two personnel, and is able to sustain immersion in cold waters for extended periods, meaning with us your projects become instantly safer and even more productive.

A smarter way to inspect, repair & maintain

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