Dive Works offers first-class IRM  capabilities and a solid range of subsea services in water depths to 2000 metres. Our extensive expertise, business structure and regulatory focus allow us to deliver bespoke inspection services to meet the diverse needs of our clients and ensure the structural integrity of your subsea assets.

  • Underwater Inspection Programs
  • Offshore Regulatory Inspections of Oil & Gas Subsea Assets
  • Platform and pipeline inspection
  • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Flooded member detection surveys (FMD)
  • Cathodic Protection surveys of pipelines and structures (CP)
  • Anchor chain inspection and retrieval
  • Leak Detection and remediation ( proprietary technology)
  • Onsite design, repair and tooling capacity
  • Underwater Thickness (UT) readings.
  • Seabed site inspections
  • Depth of burial surveys
  • Acoustic inspection
  • Non-destructive testing and inspection reports
  • Subsea maintenance and repair using ROV
  • Pipeline stabilisation and repair
  • Data management | Listings
  • An audio presentation of subsea video and data
  • Phased planning for the execution of repair and maintenance activity
  • Phased planning year to year based on data analysis
  • Regulatory submissions
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