Mooring and Anchor Inspections – Aquaculture

Mooring and Anchor Inspections

Descending deeper than any diver, Dive Works provides mooring and anchor inspections with our observation-class Falcon ROV by Saab Seaeye.

Operating in depths as low as 300 metres, and able to capture high-definition video of both existing leases and new fish farm installations, our ROV inspection reports provide detailed information on the status and maintenance requirements of your lease including any hazards, damage, or deterioration present.

We provide ROV inspection services and comprehensive reporting for:

  • new installations
  • mooring systems
  • nets (of all types)
  • lease surveys (seabed and site)

Remember, why dive when you can ROV?

The advantages of replacing divers with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can hardly be overstated. Safer, more efficient, more productive, and requiring only two personnel to operate, our ROV system is a truly cost-effective alternative to putting commercial divers in the water.

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