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Search and Recovery Operations

Whether it’s to locate the body of a drowned or deceased person, or to recover precious assets caught in dangerous conditions, search and recovery operations involve serious risk on the part of divers and other direct participants. Consequently, effective risk management is essential to any successful search and recovery operation.

So, why not mitigate those risks almost entirely by keeping divers out of the water as much as possible?

Utilising our Seaeye Falcon ROV (remotely operated vehicle), either to replace divers or accompany them, Dive Works can mobilise quickly and efficiently 24/7 for emergency response to both onshore and offshore locations.

Our Search and Recovery process

Dive Works’ search and recovery operations start with a survey to locate the target(s). Once we have gathered all necessary operational information, we then create a comprehensive plan for recovery.

The search is performed by ROV using GPS tracking, with the full search recorded in high-definition video and able to be provided to investigators. As a key search tool, sonar can also be deployed to locate targets up to 200 metres away.

After locating a target, smaller objects are generally recovered immediately using hand equipment, with the ROV equipped with a “grabber arm” to assist the process. In the case of larger objects, Dive Works can work together with external parties to ensure the target is safely recovered.

A full search and recovery report is provided to our client upon debrief.

ROVs: An efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective approach

Using ROVs instead of divers for search and recovery is not only safer, it’s more efficient, more productive, and more cost-effective, requiring only two personnel to operate.

ROVs also last much longer in the water, being able to endure cold waters for indefinite periods. They can also operate in any visibility, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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