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Security Surveys

The safety of our ports, harbours, bridges and vessels is quickly becoming a top priority for Governments and associated industries, both above and below water. Dive Works provides comprehensive security surveys of these essential assets to ensure their safety remains intact and uncompromised.

Our Seaeye Falcon ROV is a portable, efficient system that can be operated by a two-man crew. With significant advantages over divers, our ROV can perform underwater security sweeps quickly, reliably and without the cost, risks, and inconvenience of putting divers in the water.

With the addition of sonar as a search tool, tasks such as highly accurate and repeatable hull inspections can be accomplished rapidly and inexpensively. Additionally, our ROV can explore underwater crime scenes and accident zones without endangering divers or disturbing any evidence. Our ROV safely explores hazardous areas whilst its camera captures high resolution images which you view on a monitor on the surface.

The safer way to dive

Replacing divers with our ROV eliminates risks and dive hazards such as hypothermia, drowning, decompression, and accidental injury, and keeps divers from dangers such as being entangled in cables and steel supports.

Secure the safety of your assets and infrastructure

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