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Experienced, professional and highly innovative, we exceed expectations and set the industry standard in service


From humble beginnings as a solo dive operation, Dive Works has grown into a national leader and innovator in subsea activities. We offer a broad range of subsea services provided through specialised Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), including inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), survey services, and rapid emergency response to critical subsea assets.

One of Dive Works’ core premises is that commercial divers can be effectively replaced in most scenarios by ROVs, with the benefits of mitigating dive risks, improving dive safety, saving project time, saving project expenditure, and improving overall productivity. In fact, we’ve adopted the philosophy that if we can keep divers out of the water through our services, then we’re doing our job properly.

The brainchild of Andrew and Jennifer Ford, Dive Works is a privately-owned, Tasmanian-based company that has provided customised and inspired solutions for over 20 years. We supply services to the oil & gas, hydro & civil, aquaculture, marine science, and security & emergency industries throughout Australia and South East Asia, with a special focus on the unique waterway of the Bass Strait.

Driven by a passion for positive outcomes, and supported by cutting-edge in-house tooling capabilities, Dive Works actively seeks new solutions to complex technical problems. We take on the hardest of industry challenges and complete them to the highest possible standard, utilising our talents for innovation and invention wherever possible. We are committed to providing safe, comprehensive, market-led services and achieving outstanding results every time.


Dive Works leads the way in the subsea sector with a comprehensive suite of technology based solutions, which includes a fleet of Remote Operated Vehicle’s (ROVs) and cutting-edge in-house tooling capabilities.

Driven by a passion for positive outcomes, Dive Works actively seek new solutions to complex technical problems, taking on the hardest of industry challenges and completing them to the highest possible standard.


The beginning. Being well-positioned with over 15 years’ experience in commercial diving, we establish Dive Works Subsea Solutions and recruit a three-man dive team.

As an Australian first, we design our subsea “in-situ” marine growth removal net cleaning system for the Aquaculture industry (utilising high-pressure water blasting), providing significant savings on cost, time, and manpower.


We enter into the world of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) with the purchase of our first Observation Class Seaeye Falcon, a small but highly versatile underwater electric robot.

We start our recruiting process of ROV pilots, technicians, and supervisors, and begin collecting some of the best talent on the market.


Due to our expansion into the Oil & Gas industry, we purchase our second Seaeye Falcon. We recruit more ROV pilots, technicians and supervisors, launch our company website (, and also appoint both marketing and HSEQ consultants to further develop our safety systems and market potential.

We undertake our Business Focus program to strategically re-position Dive Works as a leading offshore ROV service provider. This includes our business health check, and the setting of KPIs to improve our business performance.

Demand for our offshore ROV services in Bass Strait and WA increases, with key clients including AGR, ROC Oil, Santos, Nexus Energy and Origin Energy.


We become the recipients of grant funding from the Tasmanian Enterprise Growth Program.

We are awarded certification for standards ISO ANZ/NS OHS 4801:2001 and QA 9001:2008.


We are awarded certification for the standard ISO ANZ/NS EMS 14001:2004. Additionally, our Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) is approved by NOPSEMA.


In a significant expansion of our capabilities, we become the first company in the world to purchase the Seaeye Leopard Work Class ROV.

We recruit more ROV pilots, technicians and supervisors.


We become the recipients of further grant funding via the Victorian Entrepreneur Government Grant.

We upgrade our certification for ISO QMS 9001:2008 to 9001:2015.

We develop a new strategic plan, implement dashboard business reporting, utilise corrective action processes to enable continuous improvement, and establish quarterly management meetings including our three-way cash-flow forecast.

We recruit CSWIP 3.4U Inspectors for Esso Offshore ROV campaign reporting.

Through our research & development, we design and fabricate the proprietary Leak Rate Monitoring System.

We create the following successful outcomes for major client ESSO:

  • Successful response to an emergency call out – preliminary inspection on the Cobia Riser, clamp, and free spanning.
  • Successful response to an emergency call out – General Visual Inspection (GVI), survey & leak rate detection on FLA250, utilising an Observation Class ROV where it was previously achieved with Work Class ROV. (This leak monitoring is conducted several times thereafter at appropriate intervals.)
  • Successfully completion of the 2015 Offshore ROV Campaign (Sept – Dec).
  • With the introduction of the latest technology in Work Class ROVs combined with working from a smaller vessel, we deliver significant cost savings in offshore operations. Operational uptime increases from an average of 20% to 90%.

We make a number of key strategic recruitments, including:

  • the Saab Seaeye ROV technician directly involved in design and engineering of the new Leopard Work Class ROV;
  • our Chief Financial Officer (CFO); and
  • our HSEQ Coordinator.

We successfully pass ESSO’s OIMs audit. Our offshore ROV team also successfully pass ESSO’s Electronic Permit to Work and Primary Safety Induction Training.

Our successful client projects include:

  • ESSO: Successful completion of the 2016 Offshore ROV Campaign (March – May).
  • Exxon Mobil, PNG: Successful completion of three-month Offshore Pipeline Survey (Sept/Oct/Nov).
  • Twinza Oil, PNG: Crater survey.
  • Origin Energy: Caisson stabilisation, Otway Basin.

In our research & development, new technology enables CP readings, through Concrete Weight Coat (CWC), to take only three minutes. Previous time required: 45 minutes per drill.


We implement our Rapid Global Systems including our Incident Management System and Plant & Equipment Maintenance Management System.

We recruit our Offshore ROV Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, and ICT Manager.

In marketing, we reposition and corporate rebrand ourselves as a Primary Service Provider. We launch the next version of our website.

For major client ESSO, we successfully complete the 2017 Offshore ROV Campaign including eight (8) Emergency Break-In jobs (Jan–June).

In research & development, we become the first company to successfully utilise new Diamond Wire saw technology on an ROV, cutting a 30” caisson for ESSO. We also introduce the Blueview 3D Sonar for better subsea visual inspections.


Due to our continued expansion, our Operations Team relocates to new, larger offices and workshop in Carrum Downs, VIC. Also, our Finance and Admin team relocates to a larger office in Hobart, TAS.

We recruit a new Operations Manager, HSEQ Manager, HSEQ Advisor (restructure of HSEQ Coordinator role) and Document Controller. In this restructure, our ICT needs are delegated to an external contractor.

For major client ESSO, we successfully complete the 2017/18 Offshore ROV Campaign (Dec 2017 – December 2018), including 16 Break-In jobs.

In research & development, we complete an emergency break-in job for ESSO relocating a broken caisson by utilising ROVs instead of divers. We also develop a procedure to cut the TWA umbilical utilising ROVs, and for the blanking of the subsea umbilical designed by Dive Works.


Our revised and updated Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) is accepted by NOPSEMA.

We acquire our second Seaeye Leopard Work Class ROV and add it to our fleet.

For major client ESSO, we commence the 2018/19 Offshore ROV Campaign. We complete a successful inspection of a SNA platform leg including NDT of welds and marine growth removal to Sa2.5.


We receive the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Government Grant.

We upgrade our certification for standard ISO OHS 4801:2001 to 45001:2018, and EMS from 14001:2004 to 14001:2015.

Our Story is Still Being Written . . .

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