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We work with other businesses, contractors and suppliers to ensure that we have the best

Meet Our Team

Dive Works’ founders are Andrew and Jennifer Ford. Andrew and Jennifer have built the business from the ground up and are proud to deliver a company based on core principles of innovation, creativity and respect.

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford, the Founder and Managing Director of Dive Works, is an industry leader and highly sought after ROV pilot, supervisor and trainer with over 30 years of commercial diving experience, 20 years leading the Dive Works team, and more than 10 years in the highly specialised Offshore Oil & Gas sector. Andrew is a renowned innovator, and his expertise in all facets of subsea engineering enables his team to maximise ROV capabilities, push the envelope and deliver highly creative solutions to complex technical issues, often on the spot!

As an early adopter, Andrew embraces new technologies and frequently utilises them on offshore campaigns. In addition, Andrew’s innovative thinking has seen him develop several world-first ROV technologies which have resulted in significantly lowering costs and increasing productivity for his clients. Local and trade media continue to highlight his successful contributions to the sectors he works in.

Andrew leads a highly qualified, dedicated and skilled operational team of ROV pilots, supervisors and technicians. Under his leadership, the team delivers the highest quality technical and safety outcomes and incredible cost efficiencies on large multi-million dollar projects for local, national, and international clients.

Jen Ford

Jennifer Ford

Jennifer Ford is the Co-Founder and Executive Manager of Dive Works. With a successful career in customer service, banking, finance and government, Jennifer is a high-level business administration executive, passionate about the organisation’s strategic direction, corporate development, systems, service delivery and people.

Over the past 20 years, Jennifer has built and now leads a high performing team of professional services staff in the areas of Project Management, Finance, Compliance, Legal, Contract Management HR, IT and Marketing. Jennifer is at the forefront of all business management, client management, communication and reporting, ensuring all teams deliver the highest possible service levels to clients. As a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Jennifer is committed to ensuring a positive, professional, dedicated Dive Works culture centred on safety, quality, respect and dedication.

The Team

We work with other businesses, contractors and suppliers to ensure that we have the best support and the best people on the job as we need them. Our model is to bring people in based on the needs of each project as we know the industry and have connections with the best people around.

We have extensive experience in managing projects and subcontractor services, and have developed a service delivery model that achieves the most cost-effective outcomes for our clients. We also partner with other similar businesses to create new and innovative services, or unique forms of service delivery, based on current industry needs or where we see that there is a service delivery gap.


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